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..-|-Under the Glass Moon-|-..

|-The Pretty Moon Is Laughing-|

4/11/07 11:57 am - I'm Not Dead Yet~! (Put Away the Shot Glasses, Damnit)

Okay. So, your little lost someone-or-other has found her wayward path back home online. Sort of.

Nana, Vampire Hunter D, and something about 300?Collapse )

By the way, expect a Meier Link and Charlotte layout. They are <3.

1/20/07 10:58 pm - Blargh.

Okay. So yes, I'm aware no one actually -reads- these things. Which, in actuality, is a good thing, if you think about it; it means I can write literally what ever I desire, without anyone questioning it, or getting offended, or any other possibility out there. Keeping that in mind, it's about time I used this thing for its intended purpose: ranting. Rock-Hard Luck.Collapse )

1/1/07 11:29 pm - =O

It's a meme. Okay, Tonio, I lied; I'm posting it. xD Whee.
Because we can do that.Collapse )

12/26/06 08:34 pm - ...Lol. xD

Tonight, we shall stay up to try and beat FFVII in its entirety in a matter of hours.

By the way; Blue Monster does not taste like blue.  It tastes like piss in a can, and looks like it, too. Dave was right. Curse him.

But at least it does its job.

12/26/06 02:32 pm - Headdesk Serenade

OhayoCon is coming up. Like, -really- coming up. Two weeks as of... what was it, last Friday? So, one week come THIS Friday. Yeah. You get the hint. Here comes a nice, little rant. Whoo.Collapse )

12/26/06 01:59 pm - Oh noes. Guess who's back.

Okay--not that the likelihood of anyone really noticing is much, the ultimate Carol is back. Well, sort of. A new LJ, a hand-made layout(hence the reason it probably sucks to everyone else xD), and something that can't be specifically traced to ONE character. Sorry, Doll; I still love you to death, but... nyeh.

If any of you whom I moved from my previous LJ read this and whatnot, then you know who this is. And if you don't, well... sorry to inconvenience you. But yeah. It's Carol. tsengofshinra, hellgates_doll, pure_as_newly_fallen_snow, forthe_dream_ofbecoming_mizukage, and kirigakure_no_hoshigaki_kisame on Yahoo, lostturktseng on AIM.

On a completely random note... I dreamt I made some new friends in RL. But I can't remember when, or where it was. Hm. Considering the stress towards OhayoCon next weekend has already set in? ... God, save me now. By the time the convention rolls around, I'll have absolutely lost it.
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